Get ready, because you're about to learn the keys to career advancement that they don't teach in class.


Grab a donut, snag a napkin & enjoy!

Have you ever wondered why some people rise to the top of their career so quickly?  Why some people are getting promoted in the workplace and snagging the corner offices, while others seem to remain invisible?

You are corner office material and it all starts today.  You can take control of your career with our 35 sweet tips to transform your professional trajectory from flatlining to rising to the top!

Whether you are a student heading into Day 1 of your first real job or a seasoned professional with a dusty stack of self-help books on your nightstand, "Bring in Donuts" is the professional development book dishing the secrets on how to authentically connect with peers, mentors and bosses by fostering organic conversations and opening up communication. 

Never will another professional development book make you laugh this hard while learning (or re-learning for the digital age) the soft skills you can easily implement as soon as you get back to your desk.



Darcy is the donut lady


Those who obtain success: 

connect, communicate, collaborate, have fun, & radiate gratitude.

Discover the tools to boost your career told through real life examples of how each tool can be applied in the workplace. 

It's not just about hard work anymore. It's about cultivating a career through a human-centered approach to workplace relationships. And while life lessons are often learned the hard way, the easier way is through the lessons showcased in "Bring Donuts."

A career isn't a popularity contest, but at the same time, we do business with people we like, know and trust. How do your colleagues and boss perceive you? How can you more effectively communicate? How do you finally get that raise you deserve?

For starters...bring in donuts.

Wondering if this book is right for you? Read an excerpt:

"The only way to truly learn more about someone is to ask them insightful questions. Learn about what makes them tick. Learn about what makes them happy. Learn about what makes them concerned. These organic conversations will help to deepen any connection with someone. When people answer these questions, it means they trust you. And as previously mentioned, trust is the foundation of any connection."



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"In one Saturday afternoon, I learned the steps needed to transform my career by Monday morning. I can't wait to see where my new skills take me."

-Cait M.